• Mission, Vision, and Goals



    • Build the capacity of state education agencies to leverage systems to support Native learners.
    • Support the implementation and coordination of educational systems that serve Native students through meaningful and timely consultation with Indigenous Sovereign Nations and organizations.


    Each American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian student achieves their full potential, while maintaining their cultural identity, through a culturally responsive/grounded/relevant education. Indigenous students have access to their languages, learn their histories, and see themselves meaningfully represented in standards, curricula, and instructional practices.


    1. Build collaborative relationships within SEAs, across states, and with federal education systems and other national stakeholders.
    2. Engage in advocacy on national issues that affect indigenous students.
    3. Provide responsive problem solving, information, and support for indigenous education SEA staff and contractors.
    4. Support implementation of policies and creation of resources that further IESLN’s vision of Native student success.